Announcing QuickDuck: Polygon (Matic) Farming Portal

Earn maximum from Polygon with enormous Yield Aggregator

At QuickDuck view we all are in one river, so lets gain maximum yield from crypto flow together 🦆
Join our spacecraft, powered by Polygon network and 10-years experienced crypto ducks team, to put $QUACK to the moon 🚀

What is QuickDuck?

Tell me about this $QUACK MADNESS?

To get us to the top, we’ve designed a special Staking Program $QUACK MADNESS. Here’s how it works:

Honest $QUACK Farmers: Deposit and gain the benefits of the hybrid farming effect. Around 25% of QuickDuck’s profits will be bonuses. Some percent of the farming profits will be saved as $MATIC in the MATIC Reward Pool.

DeFi Enthusiasts: Buy $DUCK at the start of launch. Sell when the price becomes high enough to fulfill your greedy index. The Probability of $QUACK dropping below the initial price of $3 is very low: as $QUACK price goes up, $QUACK emission will decrease.

Wise Investors: Hold $QUACK in long-term. The APY of QuickDuck Pool is smashing and real! The meaning of QuickDuck Pool’s APY 100% is if you buy $10 worth of $QUACK now and stake it for 1 year, you will receive $10 worth of $MATIC! Smart ducks meticulously analyze the APY of the staking pool and earn profits not only from the rewards, but also from selling the $QUACK.

Are you gonna burn $QUACK?

Working together with community we will capture the top ☄️

What’s Next? How do I get Involved?

Enormous Yield Farming Optimizer Running on Polygon (Matic) Network