Ducks found several high-performance farming mechanics which recently arose on the Polygon network💸💸💸

We don’t wanna to say anything in advance till the process will be completed, but strongly believe that you will be happy with new stable farming vaults 🙏🏻

We really want to have them implemented immediately!
Despite our intentions, the technical process ends only Wednesday @ 11:00 AM (UTC+0)

Keep calm and HODL 🦆QUACK🦆

How to switch Metamask to Polygon (MATIC)

We recommend MetaMask for using DeFi Apps.
New users can download and configure MetaMask from 👉🏻 here 👈🏻

a) Connect MetaMask to Polygon (MATIC) using QuickDuck

You’ll need to configure the Polygon Network custom RPC to your MetaMask. You can do it on 🦆 QuickDuck website 🦆
- Just click on ‘Add Polygon chain’.

You can connect MetaMask to Polygon Custom RPC manually👌🏻
You’ll need to configure the Polygon Network custom RPC to your MetaMask. Follow these steps:
- Click on the network selection button on the top of the app.
- Click on the “Custom RPC”
- Select “Custom RPC”.

Enter the Polygon (MATIC) mainnet details as follows👇🏻

Network Name: Matic Mainnet



We will launch the QuickDuck Farming Optimizer, which has combined the best farming mechanics from the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks in a new blockchain with the lowest gas fees — Polygon (MATIC)!

🔹Own $QUACK token address


🔹Use the Polygon (Matic) network explorer for checking:

Vaults on the platform

🔷 LP QUACK / USDC vault,
Here farmers earn X10 QUACK for every $1 of profit earned in other vaults
🔷QUACK Staking vault, the performance fee is tied to the other vaults performance
🔷MATIC / ETH Farming vault,
Here farmers earn X3 QUACK for every $ 1 in QUICKs as a reward for providing liquidity. During the…

At first, all DeFi protocols were running on the Ethereum blockchain. Millions of transactions and hundreds of projects have overloaded the network, giving developers a difficult task for years 😈

The community began to think about building a fast and efficient network with low fees to stop depending from the Ethereum monopoly with insane gas fees. This is how more centralized, and therefore fast, Binance Smart Chain network arose and “add-ons” appeared in the Ethereum blockchain: Layer-1 solutions and Layer-2 solutions, for example Polygon (MATIC) 🔥

A year ago, farmings, landing protocols and DEXs appeared on the Binance Smart Chain…

Today we’re excited to announce the Airdrop launch with 1000 QUACKs 🦆🚀🦆

AirDrop $QUACKs are distributed as follows 👇🏻
🔹100 QUACKs in equal quantity to 10 winners according to the number of referrals in the Airdrop
🔹900 QUACKs in equal quantity to all AirDrop participants

Tell Me More

You can be first who will able to farm $QUACK cause it has no presale stage 🤑

QuickDuck is a new DeFi Yield Farming Aggregator on Polygon (MATIC) network🚀🦆🚀
Talented crypto ducks implemented there the TOP yield mechanisms of the largest farming protocols such as PancakeBUNNY, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, etc. Launches soon ☄️

💰$QUACK does…

Polygon is the top Ethereum Layer-2 solution with less gas fees that is gaining popularity last month. Core network token $MATIC reached its historical high of $0.9459 on April 30 🚀

Polygon’s high-speed and low-cost infrastructure is the perfect portal in DeFi for players with deposits lower than $100!
Network can process from 7.000 to 14.000 transactions per second ☄️

According to data from Defipulse, Polygon’s TVL is $3,7 billion. Network’s daily transactions have grown in 4 times in the last month to more than 1 million TPS 🔥

Growth Drivers

Polygon’s ascension began when the top DeFi lending platform Aave switch…

Earn maximum from Polygon with enormous Yield Aggregator

At QuickDuck view we all are in one river, so lets gain maximum yield from crypto flow together 🦆
Join our spacecraft, powered by Polygon network and 10-years experienced crypto ducks team, to put $QUACK to the moon 🚀

What is QuickDuck?

QuickDuck is the Yield Aggregator on Polygon blockchain designed for DeFi players. We have a dedicated team of experienced ducks, who have been in the crypto space for years. $QUACK is the native currency of our platform. Stake, farm, and earn $QUACK all on QuickDuck. …


Enormous Yield Farming Optimizer Running on Polygon (Matic) Network

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